The Best Wedding Photography Firm

If you are a person with high expectations, you’re like me. And chances are you really only want the best photograph firm in Singapore to help you and your spouse capture your wedding photos because you know that wedding images are going to stick with you for the rest of your lives.

Some of you may like indoor photoshoots while others are more modern and prefer outdoor shoots in Singapore (assuming you do not encounter any hazy periods in Singapore).

Personally, I like outdoor photo shoots because they are generally more creative… you can make use of the surroundings to create a magical feeling (especially for nature shots. If you prefer backdrops with buildings or non-nature stuff, just go to an indoor bridal studio – their wallpapers can already create that effect). When it comes to nature backdrops, it’s very difficult to effectively replicate that using wallpapers and so there are many couples in Singapore who opt for outdoor photo shoots in beautiful places in Singapore like Gardens by the Bay or some adventurous ones even go to nearby islands.

But all that is useless if you’re not able to find the best wedding photographer in Singapore. If you’re like me once again, then your criteria is quality while still offering affordable packages. You don’t want quality but get charged an exorbitant amount like $10,000 for a pre wedding 1 day photo shoot session. You also don’t want to scrimp and pay $1,000 and get shitty quality photographs. You want perfection in terms of quality and prices as much as possible. (Generally, look between the range of $3000 – $5600 if you’re looking for outdoor pre wedding photography and videography.

A personal recommendation that I can give you is Grandeur Wedding Studio – their photographers take really good wedding photos.

I have used them in the past just in 2015, and I had already referred them some friends who are going to get married in 2016. Whether or not my friends take up their service is none of my business but I personally loved the photographs they took for us. However you might want to know that they take pretty high saturation and images that really pop. If you prefer having softer images for your wedding photos, then you would do better going with another company. They don’t do artistic shots like trying to shoot the couple in between leaves of a tree. They just take beautiful, lovely moments of the couple – it’s quite straightforward and none of that abstract nonsense. But their images style suit me because I love high saturation and really strong colors. I love it. But if you don’t like it then don’t take my Grandeur Wedding recommendation. Otherwise you can try them out. The URL I linked to above actually shows some of Grandeur Wedding Studio’s portfolio so you can be sure to check them out before even bothering to hire them lol.


Wacky ideas to have your Singapore wedding photography

The younger generations are usually more creative and daring. Gone are the days where people are satisfied with boring wedding portraits. Wedding photography has evolved into taking pre wedding photo shoot (indoors and outdoors) and actual day wedding photo shoot. Wedding photographers are hired for both occasions to take pictures of the couple. This is also why there are many more wedding gown rental in Singapore as well. This is to cater to the varying tastes of brides who wish to take many variety of wedding photographs, and hence need different styles of wedding gowns to rent to truly take amazing and wacky bridal photos.

For the actual day wedding photo shoot, the wedding photographer will be walking around at the wedding event to take pictures of the couple who will be serving and entertaining the guests. Most of the shots will be candid. The real fun occurs at the pre wedding photo shoot.

For the pre wedding photo shoot, it can take place either indoors, or outdoors, or both. Couples will usually try out multiple wedding attire during this pre wedding photo shoot. They will want to visit many different locations to have their Singapore wedding photography taken if they choose to take outdoors wedding photographs too. Many youngsters these days are coming up with wacky ideas for their Singapore wedding photography. Here are some wacky ideas that you can consider.

1. Jumping on the bed. You and your spouse can have a childish pillow fight and jump on the bed while having your wedding photographs taken. Marriage may be binding both your young souls together and you are not afraid to show the childish, young side of you inside wedding albums.

2. Picnic at the Botanic Gardens. Who says wedding photographs must be glamorous and formal? An informal picture of the couple having a relaxing picnic may be a glimpse of their ordinary life after their marriage.

3. Attending a lecture in the school. If you have known your partner in the school, relish the memories by going back to school wearing your wedding attire and have your wedding photographs taken there. Seek permission from the school principal / dean and I’m sure they will be most happy to approve it.

4. Sitting in the living room. Act like you are living a normal day after work after marriage. What is more relaxing than chilling at the living room with each other’s company?

Don’t miss out wedding video!

As newly weds engage photography studios for wedding photography packages, remember that there is wedding videography services as well! You will not want to miss out producing an exciting wedding video for your wedding! Nowadays, many people take up wedding videography services, on top of wedding photography services for their wedding! In my opinion, a wedding video is a must-have now. It will capture and showcase the highlights of your wedding event which will evoke many of your memories of the actual day wedding. A wedding video can only be created to document the process of your love story, compiling many pictures of the couple, and making it a moving-picture video.

Wedding videos complement wedding photographs. One can pose for the wedding photographs deliberately. But when the video camcorder is continuously recording the target, he/she will inevitably show his/her candid true emotions to the camcorder. The actual day’s atmosphere will be displayed vividly in a wedding video as well. These characteristics will be much more difficult to show on wedding photographs.

Below is a wedding video.

Do you feel more convinced after watching the wedding video above? Well, here is another good piece of news – wedding videography services in Singapore come cheap. I’m sure if you top up another 800 SGD to 1,300 SGD, you will be able to engage a wedding videographer such as Grandeur Wedding ( for your wedding event!

Be sure to ask for both high quality unedited wedding video and edited wedding video. Later in life, when you want to watch your wedding video to reminisce your wedding day memories, you can watch the edited version first to see the whole wedding highlights nicely brought up. After that, watch the unedited version to catch the details of the wedding (usually there will be funny candid moments you will love here!). Store your wedding video well on the cloud service, and also on quality DVDs, blu-rays. You will not want these beautiful videos to go missing!

Finding A Genuinely Great Photographer in Singapore

Are you looking to find a genuinely great wedding photographer in Singapore?

Here is how to ensure that he/she did not take other people’s images. Also, a watermark may not be sufficient. Here’s what you want to look at and find out before making your decision as it would follow you throughout your lifetime.

i) Ask your friends who have engaged wedding photographer in Singapore and/or studios before and if they have heard of this person you want to engage. The main reason for this is because your friend(s) and/or family who engaged before will usually have done some research into such photographers before you did, and so they may know things and speed up your ‘research’ project. This will lessen the amount of research you do yourself. In a way, this is a shortcut to shortlist the wedding photographers. If you are a person with great research skills and only trust your own research and judgement, then do those research yourself. (Tip: Here’s one of the better wedding photography studio in Singapore – Grandeur Wedding Studio (

ii) Look them up on social media, online forums and Google. Chances are, if they are popular, they would have a web presence. Check that out and ensure that the reviews are mostly great. There are many people who will complain online, especially Singaporeans, if they received bad services. Make sure that the wedding photographer that you are going to engage has a good reputation.

iii) Check out his portfolio. Browse through his portfolio online and see if their quality matches your standards and requirements. If you feel that they are not up to par, find another wedding photographer. Do note that some wedding photographers do not upload their portfolio online, thus, you will need to contact them and meet them up in real life to take a look at the portfolio hard copies.

iv) Check out his equipment. A serious wedding photographer will be adequately equipped. He will understand that a large part of photo quality depends on the camera. If the camera is poor, the pictures will turn out poor.

Most Important Photographs – Wedding And Family

As children grow up, and adults go to work or mind their business, less time is spent with family members – even a simple family dinner gathering can be difficult for larger families.

But these are important moments in our lives or it will be gone before we are able to fully appreciate it.

Treasuring these family bonding times are important, and a family photoshoot session may just be a great way for you to capture the memories and immortalize these moments. When you take out the family photographs, you will be reminded of the happy times when your family comes together.

Additionally, if you get a skilled photographer, the shoot ideas will actually be really fun and interesting as well!

Do not regret after these moments are gone forever – get together with your family, get a family photoshoot done and bond with each other while you’re young and able!

Just like you would definitely capture beautiful memories of you and your family, it is important to take your wedding photography too. Your other half, your partner, is the one whom you will be spending the rest of your life with. He/she will be the missing piece of your life and be the closest kin to you.

Wedding photography is actually the top, must-have photographs across all photography niches. Even if a family doesn’t take family photographs, they will still take wedding photographs. It is a common thing to have wedding albums and videos nowadays, especially in a developed city such as Singapore. Everyone will be asking for your wedding album during your wedding and if you do not have them, the guests will be shocked and disappointed. Wedding photography, like diamonds, is brainwashed to the people’s minds as essential components of wedding now.

If you are looking to take your wedding photographs, you can look for Grandeur Wedding in Singapore. they are really good at taking wedding photographs.

Photographs are meant to capture memories. Capture the best, most important memories of the most important people in your lives – your spouse and your family.

Fun Marriage Photography

Have you ever seen those images of couples taking exciting action wedding photography shots?

In the past, they used to take portraits like shots which both spouses only smiled and looked straight at the camera and looked solemn.

However, more couples want more fun and memory nowadays!

wedding fun

Isn’t the above wedding shot much more interesting and fun than normal ‘typical’ ‘boring’ photo shoots?

Of course, for such interesting shots, sometimes the couples are the ones who actually come up with the ideas, but there are good wedding photographers in Singapore who will be able to help you suggest such refreshing and fun couple shoots. They are all up to your imagination and creativity. There are no limits for wedding photography shots. Younger couples usually are more creative and bold in taking wedding photographs. The older ones are naturally more conservative. Likewise, you should opt for a glamorous yet exciting looking bridal gown! Just like how you want to take exciting, unique and memorable wedding pictures, it’s important that your wedding gown fits the bill too!

How do you even begin sourcing for such ideas anyway?

There are many ways: One is to definitely look online for inspiration, another is to look at other types of photography such as family or even  abstract art and extrapolating those ideas to your wedding photo shoot. The best method is to just relax and be natural. Forget about the camera. Think that only you and your partner is at the scene. You two can play or mingle around. Let the wedding photographers take the candid shots. This will be the most ideal situation. The onus will be on you to be able to forget about the wedding photographers Singapore, which most of us can’t. We will naturally be uncomfortable of nervous trying to look good for the camera.

Wedding Photo Shoot

“Everyone loves a couple in bliss… perhaps except for jealous singles” – Grandeur Wedding Studio

A wedding or marriage photo shoot (though it’s usually pre-wedding, as actual day is usually very busy) can be one of the best memories a person have. From a first person perspective, looking back at those wedding photography Singapore will bring back lots of memories of you guys together, and also the memories of you two working together on the wedding photo shoots.


Many couples who like the backdrop of beautiful countryside like to go to New Zealand or Switzerland to get their wedding photos shot.

Whereas for couples who love the hustling and bustling city life like wedding photography in Singapore due to the sight of modern and towering skyscrapers everywhere. Different people have different tastes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.

If you see those really candid photo shoots, chances are they were shot on the actual wedding day itself. As newly weds are focused on entertaining their guests during the actual wedding day, they do not give much attention to wedding photographers at the event. During the actual wedding event, wedding photographers will be given full permissions to roam around the event hall and take candid photographs. Sometimes, the wedding photographer may gesture to ask the guests or the newly weds to pose for photos though. This should be minimally done however.

If you notice those fun looking shots, it is probably taken pre-marriage as couples would have more time to actually enjoy and have fun. The backdrop of the wedding photo will also give you an idea being a pre-marriage shot too.

People Photography – Wedding, Family, Maternity

There are usually several common types of people photography. The common ones are wedding photographs, portraits pictures, family photography, and to a smaller extent, maternity shots.

Wedding photography is one of the most popular types of people photography ever as it captures people in one of the happiest and unique moments of their entire lives, versus other types of photographs which may not necessarily feel or be as unique. Wedding photography services also charges the highest rate as compared to all other photography services. This is mainly due to people’s perceived value of wedding photography being highly quality. The photographers who take wedding photographs are usually all very experienced. Taking wedding photographs can be stressful as photographers are tasked to produce high quality photographs for the clients without any hiccups. The clients’ wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and the photo shoot, especially the photo taking during the wedding event is also a once-off event. Only the most experienced and capable photographers are up to the task. If wedding photographers fail to deliver good results, they will not be spared and their reputation will quickly take a huge hit.

Portraits pictures range from individual fun shots to those formal corporate style ones. Few people take landscape photographs for formal occasions.

Family photo shoots were usually extremely formal but it has evolved to incorporate much more fun such as the following shot:

family photography fun

Maternity shoots have have largely improved in its popularity recently. In the past women felt either self-conscious or simply ‘tired’ during pregnancy but now more women want to capture this special moments of their lives where mothers are one with their child.