People Photography – Wedding, Family, Maternity

There are usually several common types of people photography. The common ones are wedding photographs, portraits pictures, family photography, and to a smaller extent, maternity shots.

Wedding photography is one of the most popular types of people photography ever as it captures people in one of the happiest and unique moments of their entire lives, versus other types of photographs which may not necessarily feel or be as unique. Wedding photography services also charges the highest rate as compared to all other photography services. This is mainly due to people’s perceived value of wedding photography being highly quality. The photographers who take wedding photographs are usually all very experienced. Taking wedding photographs can be stressful as photographers are tasked to produce high quality photographs for the clients without any hiccups. The clients’ wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and the photo shoot, especially the photo taking during the wedding event is also a once-off event. Only the most experienced and capable photographers are up to the task. If wedding photographers fail to deliver good results, they will not be spared and their reputation will quickly take a huge hit.

Portraits pictures range from individual fun shots to those formal corporate style ones. Few people take landscape photographs for formal occasions.

Family photo shoots were usually extremely formal but it has evolved to incorporate much more fun such as the following shot:

family photography fun

Maternity shoots have have largely improved in its popularity recently. In the past women felt either self-conscious or simply ‘tired’ during pregnancy but now more women want to capture this special moments of their lives where mothers are one with their child.