Wedding Photo Shoot

“Everyone loves a couple in bliss… perhaps except for jealous singles” – Grandeur Wedding Studio

A wedding or marriage photo shoot (though it’s usually pre-wedding, as actual day is usually very busy) can be one of the best memories a person have. From a first person perspective, looking back at those wedding photography Singapore will bring back lots of memories of you guys together, and also the memories of you two working together on the wedding photo shoots.


Many couples who like the backdrop of beautiful countryside like to go to New Zealand or Switzerland to get their wedding photos shot.

Whereas for couples who love the hustling and bustling city life like wedding photography in Singapore due to the sight of modern and towering skyscrapers everywhere. Different people have different tastes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.

If you see those really candid photo shoots, chances are they were shot on the actual wedding day itself. As newly weds are focused on entertaining their guests during the actual wedding day, they do not give much attention to wedding photographers at the event. During the actual wedding event, wedding photographers will be given full permissions to roam around the event hall and take candid photographs. Sometimes, the wedding photographer may gesture to ask the guests or the newly weds to pose for photos though. This should be minimally done however.

If you notice those fun looking shots, it is probably taken pre-marriage as couples would have more time to actually enjoy and have fun. The backdrop of the wedding photo will also give you an idea being a pre-marriage shot too.