Fun Marriage Photography

Have you ever seen those images of couples taking exciting action wedding photography shots?

In the past, they used to take portraits like shots which both spouses only smiled and looked straight at the camera and looked solemn.

However, more couples want more fun and memory nowadays!

wedding fun

Isn’t the above wedding shot much more interesting and fun than normal ‘typical’ ‘boring’ photo shoots?

Of course, for such interesting shots, sometimes the couples are the ones who actually come up with the ideas, but there are good wedding photographers in Singapore who will be able to help you suggest such refreshing and fun couple shoots. They are all up to your imagination and creativity. There are no limits for wedding photography shots. Younger couples usually are more creative and bold in taking wedding photographs. The older ones are naturally more conservative. Likewise, you should opt for a glamorous yet exciting looking bridal gown! Just like how you want to take exciting, unique and memorable wedding pictures, it’s important that your wedding gown fits the bill too!

How do you even begin sourcing for such ideas anyway?

There are many ways: One is to definitely look online for inspiration, another is to look at other types of photography such as family or even  abstract art and extrapolating those ideas to your wedding photo shoot. The best method is to just relax and be natural. Forget about the camera. Think that only you and your partner is at the scene. You two can play or mingle around. Let the wedding photographers take the candid shots. This will be the most ideal situation. The onus will be on you to be able to forget about the wedding photographers Singapore, which most of us can’t. We will naturally be uncomfortable of nervous trying to look good for the camera.