Finding A Genuinely Great Photographer in Singapore

Are you looking to find a genuinely great wedding photographer in Singapore?

Here is how to ensure that he/she did not take other people’s images. Also, a watermark may not be sufficient. Here’s what you want to look at and find out before making your decision as it would follow you throughout your lifetime.

i) Ask your friends who have engaged wedding photographer in Singapore and/or studios before and if they have heard of this person you want to engage. The main reason for this is because your friend(s) and/or family who engaged before will usually have done some research into such photographers before you did, and so they may know things and speed up your ‘research’ project. This will lessen the amount of research you do yourself. In a way, this is a shortcut to shortlist the wedding photographers. If you are a person with great research skills and only trust your own research and judgement, then do those research yourself. (Tip: Here’s one of the better wedding photography studio in Singapore – Grandeur Wedding Studio (

ii) Look them up on social media, online forums and Google. Chances are, if they are popular, they would have a web presence. Check that out and ensure that the reviews are mostly great. There are many people who will complain online, especially Singaporeans, if they received bad services. Make sure that the wedding photographer that you are going to engage has a good reputation.

iii) Check out his portfolio. Browse through his portfolio online and see if their quality matches your standards and requirements. If you feel that they are not up to par, find another wedding photographer. Do note that some wedding photographers do not upload their portfolio online, thus, you will need to contact them and meet them up in real life to take a look at the portfolio hard copies.

iv) Check out his equipment. A serious wedding photographer will be adequately equipped. He will understand that a large part of photo quality depends on the camera. If the camera is poor, the pictures will turn out poor.