Don’t miss out wedding video!

As newly weds engage photography studios for wedding photography packages, remember that there is wedding videography services as well! You will not want to miss out producing an exciting wedding video for your wedding! Nowadays, many people take up wedding videography services, on top of wedding photography services for their wedding! In my opinion, a wedding video is a must-have now. It will capture and showcase the highlights of your wedding event which will evoke many of your memories of the actual day wedding. A wedding video can only be created to document the process of your love story, compiling many pictures of the couple, and making it a moving-picture video.

Wedding videos complement wedding photographs. One can pose for the wedding photographs deliberately. But when the video camcorder is continuously recording the target, he/she will inevitably show his/her candid true emotions to the camcorder. The actual day’s atmosphere will be displayed vividly in a wedding video as well. These characteristics will be much more difficult to show on wedding photographs.

Below is a wedding video.

Do you feel more convinced after watching the wedding video above? Well, here is another good piece of news – wedding videography services in Singapore come cheap. I’m sure if you top up another 800 SGD to 1,300 SGD, you will be able to engage a wedding videographer such as Grandeur Wedding ( for your wedding event!

Be sure to ask for both high quality unedited wedding video and edited wedding video. Later in life, when you want to watch your wedding video to reminisce your wedding day memories, you can watch the edited version first to see the whole wedding highlights nicely brought up. After that, watch the unedited version to catch the details of the wedding (usually there will be funny candid moments you will love here!). Store your wedding video well on the cloud service, and also on quality DVDs, blu-rays. You will not want these beautiful videos to go missing!