Wacky ideas to have your Singapore wedding photography

The younger generations are usually more creative and daring. Gone are the days where people are satisfied with boring wedding portraits. Wedding photography has evolved into taking pre wedding photo shoot (indoors and outdoors) and actual day wedding photo shoot. Wedding photographers are hired for both occasions to take pictures of the couple. This is also why there are many more wedding gown rental in Singapore as well. This is to cater to the varying tastes of brides who wish to take many variety of wedding photographs, and hence need different styles of wedding gowns to rent to truly take amazing and wacky bridal photos.

For the actual day wedding photo shoot, the wedding photographer will be walking around at the wedding event to take pictures of the couple who will be serving and entertaining the guests. Most of the shots will be candid. The real fun occurs at the pre wedding photo shoot.

For the pre wedding photo shoot, it can take place either indoors, or outdoors, or both. Couples will usually try out multiple wedding attire during this pre wedding photo shoot. They will want to visit many different locations to have their Singapore wedding photography taken if they choose to take outdoors wedding photographs too. Many youngsters these days are coming up with wacky ideas for their Singapore wedding photography. Here are some wacky ideas that you can consider.

1. Jumping on the bed. You and your spouse can have a childish pillow fight and jump on the bed while having your wedding photographs taken. Marriage may be binding both your young souls together and you are not afraid to show the childish, young side of you inside wedding albums.

2. Picnic at the Botanic Gardens. Who says wedding photographs must be glamorous and formal? An informal picture of the couple having a relaxing picnic may be a glimpse of their ordinary life after their marriage.

3. Attending a lecture in the school. If you have known your partner in the school, relish the memories by going back to school wearing your wedding attire and have your wedding photographs taken there. Seek permission from the school principal / dean and I’m sure they will be most happy to approve it.

4. Sitting in the living room. Act like you are living a normal day after work after marriage. What is more relaxing than chilling at the living room with each other’s company?