The Best Wedding Photography Firm

If you are a person with high expectations, you’re like me. And chances are you really only want the best photograph firm in Singapore to help you and your spouse capture your wedding photos because you know that wedding images are going to stick with you for the rest of your lives.

Some of you may like indoor photoshoots while others are more modern and prefer outdoor shoots in Singapore (assuming you do not encounter any hazy periods in Singapore).

Personally, I like outdoor photo shoots because they are generally more creative… you can make use of the surroundings to create a magical feeling (especially for nature shots. If you prefer backdrops with buildings or non-nature stuff, just go to an indoor bridal studio – their wallpapers can already create that effect). When it comes to nature backdrops, it’s very difficult to effectively replicate that using wallpapers and so there are many couples in Singapore who opt for outdoor photo shoots in beautiful places in Singapore like Gardens by the Bay or some adventurous ones even go to nearby islands.

But all that is useless if you’re not able to find the best wedding photographer in Singapore. If you’re like me once again, then your criteria is quality while still offering affordable packages. You don’t want quality but get charged an exorbitant amount like $10,000 for a pre wedding 1 day photo shoot session. You also don’t want to scrimp and pay $1,000 and get shitty quality photographs. You want perfection in terms of quality and prices as much as possible. (Generally, look between the range of $3000 – $5600 if you’re looking for outdoor pre wedding photography and videography.

A personal recommendation that I can give you is Grandeur Wedding Studio – their photographers take really good wedding photos.

I have used them in the past just in 2015, and I had already referred them some friends who are going to get married in 2016. Whether or not my friends take up their service is none of my business but I personally loved the photographs they took for us. However you might want to know that they take pretty high saturation and images that really pop. If you prefer having softer images for your wedding photos, then you would do better going with another company. They don’t do artistic shots like trying to shoot the couple in between leaves of a tree. They just take beautiful, lovely moments of the couple – it’s quite straightforward and none of that abstract nonsense. But their images style suit me because I love high saturation and really strong colors. I love it. But if you don’t like it then don’t take my Grandeur Wedding recommendation. Otherwise you can try them out. The URL I linked to above actually shows some of Grandeur Wedding Studio’s portfolio so you can be sure to check them out before even bothering to hire them lol.